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Tonga's choice becomes first woman to head FFA

09 July 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

The first woman to lead the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency says her priorities are capacity, communications, and combatting illegal tuna fishing.

Dr Manu Tupou-Roosen will be the first woman to head the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency. Photo/ PMN.

Dr Manu Tupou-Roosen will take up the post of Director General of the FFA in November.

The Tongan national who is currently the legal counsel to the FFA, was nominated by her government to the post, and was endorsed by fisheries ministers at their annual meeting in Rarotonga.

"I will be prioritising the empowerment of our nations, effective communication, effective collaboration between the Secretariat and all of our members and all of our stakeholders," says Dr Tupou-Roosen.

She says strengthening tools to combat illegal fishing and enhance the social benefits for Pacific people is also at the top of her list.

"Our mission is clear, to grow the economic benefits and the social benefits for our Pacific people through the sustainable use of our offshore fisheries resources."

Dr Tupou-Roosen says co-operation will be the key to success in her role at FFA.

"It's our Pacific way and it's the only way that we can ensure a safe, stable and prosperous region for our people."