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New suicide prevention programme launched

11 September 2017

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The Ministry of Health has launched a new suicide prevention training programme to be delivered nationwide. 

LifeKeepers is a community-based approach put together by clinicians, academics and people with lived experience of suicidal behaviour. 

Mental health service Le Va will deliver the programme and CEO Dr. Monique Faleafa says it's a big task but it's crucial.

"It's about life and resiliency and hope," she says. "The World Health Organisation recommends that every country should have suicide prevention training or gatekeeper training as part of a cross government strategy to prevent suicide."

Free trainings will be delivered to communities throughout the country for people 18 and over who regularly interact with people at risk of suicide.

"Our communities already know what to do. They have the solutions we just haven't had the mobilisation or a platform," says Dr. Faleafa. "We've already saved lives in the last few years by training people with the right knowledge and skills."

LifeKeepers launch in Auckland: Professor Sir Mason Durie, Dr. Monique Faleafa, Zack Makoare, Dr. Lance O'Sullivan. Photo/ Supplied.

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