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New general manager for Tokelau Office of the Council relocates

29 October 2018

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A new head has been appointed for Tokelau Government's Office of the Council.

Aukusitino Patelesio Vitale is the new General Manager National for the Office of the Council.

Aukisitino Patelesio Vitale. Photo/ Supplied.

The position replaces the general manager post based in Apia and the Commissioner of the Public Service, Casimilo Perez, says it signals the relocation of key staff to Tokelau to provide face-to-face advice and administrative support to the people.

Vitale says Tokelauan elders have worked hard over the years to make this change happen.

"This is a significant move because it brings the position and its human resources to be more confident to the three taupulega, the highest authority in Tokelau, and at last, their children are sitting beside them to provide modern advice and to meet their contemporary needs."

The new appointment will be for an initial period of three years and will be based in Fakaofo until the next term of the Ulu of Tokelau begins next year.

The post will then move from island-to-island in accordance to the Ulu of Tokelau's location.

Listen to full interview on Pacific Breakfast:

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