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Internship hopes to move more Pacific graduates into policy-making roles

20 November 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

An initiative to prepare Pacific graduates into policy-making roles within the public sector launches in Wellington today.

Tupu Tai is a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment internship programme that will see 18 Pacific scholars through an intensive 10-week boot camp with attachments to 10 government agencies.

Tupu Tai candidates and agency representatives. Photo/ MBIE.

Chief Pacific Advisor Matalena Leaupepe says Tupu Tai is part of the Pacific Economic Strategy to procure sustainable job opportunities for Pacific people.

"We really don't have enough Pacific people in policy roles and other growing sectors in our labour market such as project management and procurement," she says. 

"The whole point of Tupu Tai is to grow a pipeline of skilled Pacific people into jobs that are going to be here in the future and jobs that are going to propel us into higher pay and higher skills."

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