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Church leaders pushing for Manus refugees to resettle in NZ

17 January 2018

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By Ruci Farrell -

Church leaders across the country are calling for refugees and asylum seekers trapped on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island to be brought to New Zealand.

Manus Island refugees. Photo/ Refugee Action Coalition.

They presented a petition to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last month seeking a humanitarian response for refugees they claim are being tortured and violated.

Reverend Andy Hickman says New Zealand's offer to take in 150 should extend to all other refugees detained on Manus.

"The reason why we focused on Manus Island is because of the critical urgency of the situation with the compound being shut down and the men being deprived of water, electricity, food, medication," he says.

Rev. Andy Hickman. Photo/ Anglican Diocese of Wellington.

The Refugee Processing Centre on Manus Island funded by the Australian Government was shut down last October, with the remaining refugees left to fend for themselves in nearby centres.

"The refugee crisis is a global phenomena, something we all should be conscious about," says Rev. Hickman.

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